Case Study

Denver Contractor Adds $1.8 Million in Revenue Leveraging EnergyPrint

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Since its inception 25 years ago, Building Technology Systems (BTS) has been known for its mechanical expertise and creative problem-solving. As one of the Denver metro area’s premier HVAC service providers for commercial buildings, they’ve long understood the value of leveraging energy benchmarking as a competitive advantage—but they needed help getting started. As BTS sought to integrate utility data reporting into their service strategy, they knew they didn’t want to take on this daunting task alone. They partnered with EnergyPrint to manage the process of gathering and visualizing utility data for their client buildings with three key objectives in mind…

  • Differentiate

    Elevate energy expertise with clients to stand apart from competitors

  • Prove Results

    Report M&V results achieved from projects and service agreements

  • Growth

    Find new project opportunities and expand client relationships


Solution & Strategy

Integrating EnergyPrint’s services into their daily business practices, the BTS sales team proactively engages clients about building performance. BTS leverages EnergyPrint’s current, relevant and accurate utility data to start conversations with customers about building performance and drive deeper relationships—naturally positioning themselves as a trusted energy advisor. Since many clients simply pay utility bills without much scrutiny, BTS uses EnergyPrint to monitor energy cost and consumption, and notify clients when spikes occur. Then, they engage with the client to dig deeper into potential problems and propose meaningful solutions.

  • ADDED $1.8 Million in new projects in less than two years.

  • OPENED new office division leveraging EnergyPrint as key contributor to company growth

  • SAVED Clients more than $785k across buildings tracked with EnergyPrint


Since partnering with EnergyPrint in 2016, BTS has leveraged utility data insight to achieve their energy service objectives. Examples include:


BTS offers clients a no-cost benchmark to differentiate and build trust. After helping one client see how their building was performing low compared to its peers, BTS secured a long-term service agreement and a complete controls retrofit.

Prove Results

BTS uses a successful strategy to stay “sticky” with existing clients by using utility data to prove financial savings. Using EnergyPrint’s Cost Avoidance, BTS demonstrated $300,000 in cost savings over just 15 months on one SMART chiller installation.


BTS leverages EnergyPrint to find new opportunities. Leading with benchmarking, BTS expanded one client relationship from two buildings to a 13-building portfolio. In less than a year, BTS netted nearly $400,000 in added projects and service agreements.

Branding & Support

BTS is a licensed partner with EnergyPrint. Their custom-branded “BTS Energy Report,” powered by EnergyPrint, integrates seamlessly into their marketing and service efforts providing useful data and dashboard deliverables.

"It looks as if it’s our product. And with the way EnergyPrint treats us, it really is our product, it’s our service. All we do is put it in front of our customers and show them energy savings we’ve already delivered for other buildings.”

- Jack Lann, Business Development Manager