ESG software that tracks, analyzes & provides actionable insights on your sustainability data

Reach net zero with accurate energy reporting you can trust.

Accurate ESG reporting sets you up for success

Whether your goals include reducing or offsetting carbon emissions, reporting ESG data to investors, or working towards SEC compliance, ESG software with authentic and accredited data is crucial for success.

Usage data alone is not enough. To report Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 carbon emissions, you need software that automates energy conversions unique to your buildings and utility mix.

Additionally, investors expect you to publish goals that drive closer to net zero, with a plan to achieve those goals. EnergyPrint’s ESG software helps you do this – and more.

EnergyPrint ESG software:

  • Integrates directly with your utility providers to ensure accurate data
  • Benchmarks after normalizing for weather and billing cycles
  • Calculates and tracks emissions and any offsets you may purchase 
  • Organizes and stores your records so they are audit ready at all times


ESG software enables reduced emissions, paid for by savings

EnergyPrint ESG software aggregates emissions data across all your buildings in an easy-to-use dashboard. It also disaggregates utility invoices so you can benchmark a bill line item (such as a demand kW or demand $) across your portfolio, or compare them to EnergyPrint’s huge database of over 1 million utility records. Benchmarking at this level allows you to identify the greatest potential for reduction, while helping you invest in upgrades to generate the savings which will fully fund your ESG tracking, disclosure and reduction efforts.

Monitor & Improve

Benchmark and track your carbon emissions over time to prove your results and gain more investor buy in. We work with all major utility companies to easily transfer data from the provider to your dashboard.

energy efficiency evaluation data collection

Social Responsibility

Reach your energy, financial, and growth goals with a solid ESG strategy. Set the standard for your company's social responsibility, while proving your carbon reduction commitment to the public.

energy star data collection

ESG Partners & Integrations

EnergyPrint partners with energy efficiency engineers and contractors all across the USA. Our local partners work with us to advise on the most effective efficiency upgrades to your buildings. We also feed data to ENERGY STAR®, automatically benchmarking against their 220,000 buildings, and a host of popular ESG rating systems.

data visualization cost avoidance measurement and verification

ESG Ratings

Our ESG software checks the box when it comes to reporting capabilities for GRESB, CDP, PRI, GRI, TCFD, SASB, and more.

energy efficiency evaluation report creation

Gain Competitive Advantage from ESG Disclosures

While there’s currently no official guidelines for ESG disclosures, EnergyPrint ESG software was crafted to meet the draft Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) emissions regulations. We don’t just provide you with metrics. We offer early compliance, and help you organize goal setting and choose efficiency investments that deliver savings to fund your efforts.

measurement and verification prove results

ESG Tracking

Once you document your company's ESG benchmarks, you can track and analyze each emission improvement and how it affects your bottom line over time.

Government Compliance

Get ahead of SEC regulations so you are prepared to be an energy leader in the coming years.

Investor Buy In

Align with stakeholders on the data that matters so you can accurately report on past and future actions you're taking to reduce your carbon footprint.


Reduce Your Energy Footprint