Energy analytics that drive opportunities

Discover how you can reduce your energy footprint and uncover cost savings with our easy-to-use web-based dashboard.

An easy way to Find, Track & Prove energy savings

A data dump of kilowatts and therms per hour may be great for engineers, but most business decision-makers need simple, concrete, business-oriented data to help them understand the value of managing energy to drive better building performance.

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What is the Energy and Utility Dashboard?

EnergyPrint’s Utility Dashboard gives you centralized access to your building portfolio’s energy analytics — and those of similar buildings — for you to explore and answer key business questions using metrics in real dollars and cents.


"EnergyPrint makes it easy for us to see exactly where we should invest in building improvements. Less costly utility bills improve the value of our buildings and go a long way toward keeping our tenants happy."

- David Bergstrom, COO

Wellington Management


Answer four key questions with EnergyPrint insights

We start the process by working directly with utility providers to collect, aggregate, input and validate 24 months of utility data for your buildings. Then, our expert team of data professionals helps you establish and better understand energy benchmarks, identify trends and generate powerful, actionable business insights that answer these four questions about your buildings:

How are your buildings doing?

We take away the guesswork of assessing building performance using current, relevant and accurate building performance metrics. Benchmark a building against itself, its peers and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® using our proprietary database of building utility data.

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Are buildings getting better or worse?

Prioritize where to focus attention by tracking how your energy use and expense changes over time, varies with weather patterns and responds to operations and equipment modifications. Quickly sort your properties to highlight your best performers and your greatest areas of opportunity.

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Where are the best opportunities for savings?

Drill into specific properties for deeper energy performance intelligence so you can implement solutions that truly change building performance and reverse negative trends. Create benchmarks based on regions, property type, square footage and more.

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Have past improvements paid off?

Know the impact of every investment, large or small, and leverage utility data to find even more ways to improve. By setting a baseline, you can track both billed and weather normalized energy performance for your M&V reporting needs.

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Brimming with insights: Utility analytics you can use

What good are energy analytics if they don’t translate to action? Here are just a few examples of insights you can use to improve buildings’ energy use with EnergyPrint’s Utility Dashboard.

energyprint energy and utility insights find opportunities

Find opportunities

Summarize cost, consumption and carbon use across your portfolio. Compare against peers by region, property type, square footage and more to discover which buildings have the best savings opportunities.

Measurement & Verification track performance

Track building performance

Identify trends and generate actionable insight as data is collected, validated and input each month. Monitor changes related to building improvements, operating changes and equipment defects.

measurement and verification prove results

Prove financial results

EnergyPrint's Cost Avoidance reporting visualizes energy savings based on an adjustable 12-month baseline period. When degree-day correlation is strong, Cost Avoidance will be adjusted for weather.


Reduce Your Energy Footprint