Prove ROI with Measurement & Verification

Show how your proposals translate into savings with a measurement and verification (M&V) reporting project.

An easy way to calculate and communicate cost avoidance

Every investment should yield results. Yet one of the most overlooked aspects of an energy reduction project is proving whether or not it produced the intended cost and consumption savings. To do this, you need complete, accurate and detail-rich utility data.

Whether you need data that can be imported to your systems or to show that you’re meeting specific Measurement & Verification (M&V) standards, EnergyPrint helps you easily calculate and communicate cost avoidance — for less than the typical cost of an engineer’s time.

We collect and standardize a building’s utility data, then serve up the data to you in the most useful form. If you’ve already built or bought M&V software, we can manage the utility data and serve it up for your internal use. Or, we offer a cloud-based Utility Dashboard that allows you to easily see how energy consumption has changed over time. We can also help you create professional-looking reports that you can share with your clients or decision-makers.

However you need it, our simple to understand M&V data and reports help you:

  • Communicate and prove the value of energy conservation measures
  • Track progress against corporate sustainability goals
  • Stay compliant with IPMVP (Option C) and ASHRAE 14 standards
  • See true energy performance with weather normalization


Offload the utility data collection needed for Measurement & Verification

We are utility data experts, and we stop at nothing to get the most accurate data for you. Working with thousands of utilities across the U.S. and Canada, we gather, input and validate data from all energy, water and waste utilities, regardless of the process required to obtain it. In just a few easy steps, you’ll access the utility data information you need to show cost avoidance. We start by collecting and validating the data, then input it into an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Start with quality data

We capture all unique consumption and cost data points from any utility company. Detailed data points such as billed demand and actual demand can better support analysis. Depending on the recurrence of updating data, we can price the solution as a one-time historical utility data service or an ongoing service.

energy efficiency evaluation data collection

Receive it any way that works for you

Whether you use internal tools or another application to crunch your performance numbers, EnergyPrint will be your partner to ensure you have timely, validated utility data to drive sales assessments, benchmarking, project development and M&V reporting.

energy star data collection

Visualize it with the Utility Dashboard

Or, choose to review the data via the Cost Avoidance feature of our Utility Dashboard, a cloud-based tool that helps you visualize energy consumption based on an adjustable 12-month baseline period. Compliant with ASHRE 14 and IPMVP Whole Building Option C Measurement and Verification (M&V) protocols, the Cost Avoidance feature tracks and compares both billed and weather normalized cumulative energy performance.

data visualization cost avoidance measurement and verification

Create a custom report

Need to present your data to key decision-makers? Using our Insights Architect reporting platform, we will help you create a customized, professional-looking report that highlights the key metrics that best show ROI for your project.

energy efficiency evaluation report creation

Prove results with our Cost Avoidance reporting options

Use our robust data services to capture history and ongoing data for your performance-based projects. Depending on the level of measurement and verification reporting you need, we’ll send the data to you or let you choose from basic, premium or advanced cost avoidance options in our cloud-based Utility Dashboard.

measurement and verification prove results

Basic Cost Avoidance

Our basic option is best for reporting reductions in utility bill costs. This service includes collection of a building’s utility data, input into our cloud-based system, validation of the data and access to the Cost Avoidance feature in our Utility Dashboard.

Weather Normalized

Weather Normalized Cost Avoidance is a premium option allows you to see the avoided costs regardless of weather, illustrating the true value of energy savings projects. This service helps you assess changes in performance related to specific energy conservation measures.

Project Impact

When you need highly customized metrics, this option allows you to set up and adjust your performance-based projects to specific parameters. In minutes, you can input a project with reporting capability that includes actual cost and weather normalized metrics.

measurement evaluation data visualization cost avoidance

Data collection

Save time by having EnergyPrint gather, input and validate your utility data direct from the utility companies.

Baseline setting

Set your own baseline to report on simple utility bill reduction.

Validated cost savings

Visualize validated utility bill cost savings in simple charts and graphs.

data visualization cost avoidance weather normalized

True energy performance

Visualize a building's avoided costs regardless of weather, illustrating the true value of energy savings projects.

IPMVP (Option C) and ASHRAE 14 compliant

Assess changes in performance related to specific energy conservation measures.

Billed vs. weather normalized

Compare both billed and weather normalized cost avoidance through simple charts and graphs.

data visualization cost avoidance project impact

Rate lock

Reflect the pre-project utility rate to prove performance contracts and guaranteed savings.

Target line

Set your projected cost reduction and visualize the trend over the project life-cycle.

Custom balance points

Customize degree-day balance points to establish the most accurate baseline for a project.



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