Utility data you can actually use

Get accurate, validated utility data with no fuss — delivered to you in the way you use it.

Easy and clean utility data — without the hassle

Validated, standardized utility data is not easy to come by, yet it’s critical to supporting financial decisions for building improvements, maintenance budgets, and proving value over time.

Data from any utility

We eliminate the headaches involved in tracking down non-standardized data across thousands of utilities. We’ll work with any utility, regardless of the process it takes to get the data.

Visualize your data

We deliver your utility data to you in simple, useful, and intuitive ways. Whether it's via a customized data export, our cloud-based Utility Dashboard, or leveraging our Insights Architect reporting service.

Actionable insights

Your updated data along with our benchmarking capabilities will spark insights to help you find savings opportunities or prove cost avoidance. We also include your building’s ENERGY STAR score.

Gather. Validate. Deliver.

Easy and clean utility data at your fingertips. The process is simple.

Gather your data

First, we onboard your building using one utility bill copy you provide and a signed letter of authorization. By granting us access to your online accounts and permission to work with utilities on your behalf, we can get to work collecting current and historic bills to establish a benchmark. From then on your data is continuously updated to keep your insights current and relevant.

Validate your data

Use our cloud-based Utility Dashboard to help you visualize the data and identify opportunities. Drill into specific properties' performance and create benchmarks based on energy types, property types, regions, and more. We aggregate and validate all the data — translating energy metrics into a common unit of measure so you can visualize consumption, costs, and carbon metrics and compare them across your entire portfolio. We also automatically connect your data with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® and export your ratings back seamlessly.

Deliver your data

Need reports? We have a large collection of self-service reports available. Additionally, our Insights Architect reporting service puts you in the driver seat of building customized professional reports for any audience your business requires. We also offer API endpoints which allow you to export your data into your proprietary systems, vertically integrating with already established business workflows.

EnergyPrint Team


EnergyPrint Named Premier Member of EPA’s 2022 Certification Nation Program

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of ENERGY STAR, the EPA has offered a special, one-time recognition to any organization that earns EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification for five or more buildings in 2022.

EnergyPrint earned ENERGY STAR certification for 15 buildings, making us a Premier Member of Certification Nation. Read more.

"Utility bills are complicated. A lot of professionals don’t understand what all the numbers mean. I was one of them. Partnering with EnergyPrint has helped me navigate the complexity and focus on the metrics that actually matter.”

- Eddie Dunn, Building Services Consultant

CCAC Building Solutions


Helping the building management industry maximize energy cost savings

If you’re a property owner, manager, or a contractor interested in saving energy and reducing overall utility costs, we’re here to help. We’ve also built a large, national network of energy consultants and solution providers that you can tap into. Some of our partners and clients include:

EnergyPrint Client Crothall Healthcare
EnergyPrint Client Damuth Trane
EnergyPrint Client Boland
EnergyPrint Client CCAC
EnergyPrint Client HOM Furniture
EnergyPrint Client Building Technology Systems BTS
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