How will you report your company's carbon emissions?

Carbon Emissions Compliance Made Simple

New Carbon Regulations in California

California recently adopted two laws that will require companies with global sales exceeding $500 million to disclose scope 1 and 2 emissions beginning in 2026, and scope 3 emissions in 2027. Third-party data auditing will go in effect in 2030.

SEC Requirements

On March 6, 2024, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) added “Carbon Emissions” to its 2027 disclosure requirements for public companies, which will affect 2026 reporting data.

New Building Performance Standards

As of April 2024, large building efficiency regulations have been adopted in 14 state and local government jurisdictions. These efficiency regulations establish a maximum kBTU/sq ft (gas and electric usage), or carbon equivalent. Many more jurisdictions have regulations in development, using benchmarking data to establish achievable efficiency targets. Data disclosure appears to be the gateway to efficiency regulation.


While legal challenges over disclosure requirements play out, regulatory pressure from government entities will continue to require more aggressive energy efficiency levels in both large and small buildings. Although we don't know the speed of adoption, we can project that many buildings will be forced to make mandated efficiency improvements. We've already seen this happen with automobiles with appliances, and we can expect buildings to follow.

Efficiency Economics

The good news is that making energy improvements lowers utility costs, yielding an attractive ROI. The smart plan prioritizes changes that generate the most attractive return on investment – typically starting in the least efficient buildings. A good plan will achieve an attractive financial upside from these mandates by harnessing the right data, presented the right way, to support sound economic decision-making.

Carbon Credits

If your energy usage drops by more than 10% in compliance measured with a new LEO standard, you will become eligible for carbon credits that can either be sold to increase your ROI, or retained in support of your published improvement goals.


We've been helping building owners and operators capture utility data and present comparisons that make efficiency improvement decisions intuitive. Our data can be used to drive measurable building efficiency results, as well as prove the return on these investments. We've processed over 1 million utility invoices for 7,800 buildings in our 14 year history. Our average client who invests in improvements saves 25 cents per square foot per year, or 12.7%, double the EPA reported average for ENERGY STAR buildings. These savings quickly pay for our subscription cost. On average, our annual fees are recovered from only 10 days of savings.

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Ensure Building Compliance with Benchmarking

EnergyPrint helps businesses meet reporting requirements for corporate sustainability mandates, local benchmarking ordinances, and carbon emission disclosures.

What are the benefits of benchmarking your buildings?

  • Comply with reporting requirements. As municipalities across the U.S. institute energy benchmarking and carbon compliance for large buildings, make sure your portfolio meets all local ordinances and corporate mandates.
  • Energy savings made easy. Using data collected from benchmarking and transparency (B&T) policies, building owners, managers, and operators can identify opportunities to effectively reduce wasted energy and water to achieve reduced utility costs.
  • ENERGY STAR integration. EnergyPrint tracks and submits your data directly to ENERGY STAR. Our process includes completing and submitting the application package for your local ordinance and we will work through any rejections to make sure your submission gets through correctly to avoid any benchmarking fines. We get it done for you!

Ready to get started?

Benchmarking support can be added to any EnergyPrint plan for $99/building.

For ongoing utility tracking, our Auto-Fetch service is affordable and offers scalable pricing discounts the more you track with us.


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