Energy Insights that drive conversations

Engage decision-makers in meaningful discussions that yield tangible results.

A simple, easy way to identify savings & project opportunities

Becoming a trusted energy advisor doesn’t happen overnight. You need to build both credibility and rapport through relevant and meaningful conversations with clients or business leaders. You need to demonstrate your expertise and understanding of ROI. If you’re wondering:

  • How can my company take advantage of utility trends and data?
  • Which clients or buildings offer the best opportunities for building performance improvements?
  • How can I engage specific clients or executives in an effective conversation about energy use?


Leveraging Utility Data to Drive Client Engagement

Tips from industry experts on how to use utility data to build trust with clients and start conversations about building performance.

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We can support you. Engage with clients and decision-makers by sharing simple, objective facts about building performance that demonstrate relevant energy insight and asking leading questions that identify opportunities for improvement.

Energy Insights, powered by Insights Architect™, uses EnergyPrint’s validated, proprietary database to generate business intelligence metrics that drive client interaction.

Our team of data experts deliver sophisticated visual reporting and support your efforts to start — and continue — conversations.

“EnergyPrint’s monthly data Insights give me a valid reason to get in front of every one of my customers, every single month."

- Jack Lann, Business Development Manager

Building Technology Systems


How to take action with Energy Insights

Our data professionals work with utility data all day long — we are experts at slicing and dicing the data to see where energy-saving opportunities may exist that you may want to explore further. Our process for providing you with meaningful insights each month is easy:

We’ll discover insights for you

We collect, aggregate and standardize 24+ months of utility bill history for buildings and continuously update the data monthly to keep it current and relevant. Our experts then analyze and organize your validated data, pulling out relevant insights to share with you.

discover energy insights

Monthly, interactive sessions

Your dedicated support team then walks you through your insights each month using an interactive, engaging presentation. You’ll have a conversation about potential opportunities and what building and industry metrics are most important to you.

monthly interactive sessions

Summarize findings in a polished report

You’ll end up with a report summary that provides you with the right questions and talking points to take to your stakeholders and continue the conversation. Armed with the right data, you can show how an energy-saving solution can make great business sense.

energy insights report

Utility insights you can leverage

Every month, you’ll receive a dynamic, interactive presentation that guides you through your portfolio’s most relevant energy insight. Here are just a few examples of insights you can gain.

Industry trends

Does your decision-maker understand how the average energy use is impacting utility spend? What about demand costs? Educate clients using current, relevant and accurate energy trends that illustrate your value as a consultant.

Portfolio metrics

What’s your company’s specific strategy for office, healthcare, education and other verticals? Insights will help you understand portfolio performance, and your dedicated support team will help you define and refine your strategy for leveraging utility analytics.

Building performance

Which clients or buildings have the biggest opportunities for savings? Every Insights report will focus on buildings that represent the best opportunities. Plus, we’ll outline key talking points based on energy use, ENERGY STAR®, demand trends and more.

sample energy insights report of energyprint

Strategic conversations

Start a discussion with your team, clients or leaders about energy conversation and how it impacts your business.

Current data and trends

Access only relevant industry and building trends generated from our growing and validated database.

Insights relevant to you

See industry metrics that are most important to you, including utility rates, demand analysis and EUI/ECI.

sample portfolio insights report of energyprint

Easy to understand

Provide value by communicating complex energy metrics in a way that is easy to understand.

EUI and ECI metrics

Highlight savings opportunities by showing Energy Use Intensity (EUI) and Energy Cost Intensity (ECI) industry averages by vertical segment.

Talking points for your team

Leverage key talking points about building performance trends to effectively approach decision-makers about the need for energy efficiency improvements.

sample building energy insights report of energyprint

National and state averages

Leverage industry averages from our proprietary database to compare individual buildings and pinpoint priorities to share with stakeholders, including opportunity cost.

Peak demand cost metrics

Identify and prioritize opportunities using peak demand use and cost for specific buildings. Demand is an often misunderstood aspect of utility bills and can represent significant short-term savings.

Utility rate differences

See which buildings have higher than average utility rates to help justify energy improvement projects. Higher costs can mean shorter ROI for the same project.



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