Saving energy makes good business sense

If you’re a property owner, manager or a contractor serving the industry, we’re here to make saving energy and money easier to achieve.


Who we serve

While energy efficient buildings are beneficial for many reasons, our focus at EnergyPrint is helping you improve the bottom line. By gathering disparate utility bill data and translating it into a language that makes financial sense, you can confidently take action or propose energy solutions that improve the performance and value of buildings.

Building owners

As an owner or investor, you want to manage your building portfolio as cost effectively as possible. Driving down utility costs improves the bottom line. With EnergyPrint’s data services and analytics, you can see the big picture of how your buildings are doing and better understand what actions are needed to improve cost and value. Our specialty is helping companies with decentralized property management by delivering simplified, centralized data across thousands of utilities.

Property managers

As a property manager, you’re tasked with ensuring the buildings you manage stay on budget. With energy spend being one of the largest expenses on your spreadsheet, you're always looking for ways to reduce energy costs. EnergyPrint provides you relevant utility data and insights so you can easily see opportunities to save, including the ability to benchmark against similar buildings via our proprietary database. And, we’ll help you check the boxes on local energy regulation or ENERGY STAR benchmarking too.

Solution providers

As a service provider or mechanical contractor, you want to provide clients with solutions that truly add value and show real return on investment. You need accurate utility data to help you identify opportunities and show ROI without the costly engineering time typically needed do this work manually. With EnergyPrint’s validated utility data, co-branded dashboard and custom reporting solutions, you can Find, Track & Prove more energy-savings opportunities and become a trusted energy advisor to your clients. Learn how you can Engage Clients & Grow Your Business with EnergyPrint's integrated solutions.


Connecting decision-makers with energy solutions

EnergyPrint works with building managers, investors and solution providers who use utility data and insight to make smart decisions about building performance. Our network of valued clients and consultants includes building management companies, REITs, mechanical and HVAC service providers, energy auditors, electric and plumbing services and more. When it comes to building performance and maintenance, think of our connections as your connections.

Case Study

BTS Adds $1.8M in Revenue with EnergyPrint

Case Study

BTS Adds $1.8M in Revenue with EnergyPrint

When Building Technology Systems (BTS) sought to integrate utility data reporting into their energy service strategy, they partnered with EnergyPrint to manage their data process.


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