Integrated with ENERGY STAR®

ENERGY STAR integration and compliance made easy

Streamline the process of tracking and maintaining your ENERGY STAR scores each month through our automated data integration service.

A simple way to manage ENERGY STAR benchmarking, certification and compliance

ENERGY STAR® helps thousands of industrial, commercial, and state organizations deliver cost-saving energy efficient solutions. Achieving ENERGY STAR certification is a top priority for many building professionals and in some districts local governments are now requiring many buildings to benchmark and disclose their energy use annually.


EnergyPrint Earns 2020 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year—Sustained Excellence

Recognized for the sixth year, EnergyPrint achieved Sustained Excellence for commitment to driving energy efficiency and making benchmarking compliance easier for building owners.

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As valuable as an ENERGY STAR score is, the disclosure and certification processes can be time consuming. Most of the tools available require manual data entry, which is prone to errors. And often, there’s no easy way to validate the data to ensure it is relevant and accurate.

EnergyPrint specializes in utility data. Our team of data analysts works directly with thousands of utility providers to gather, standardize and validate utility bill data. As an ENERGY STAR partner, we exchange data with the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® tool, which means we automatically push the data we collect about a building’s energy consumption directly to ENERGY STAR.

Because our technology fully integrates with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, it allows you to:

  • Determine your properties’ ENERGY STAR scores (1-100) and leverage the insight needed to improve them over time
  • Earn and maintain certification more efficiently, using up-to-date performance metrics synced from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • Benchmark and disclose your properties’ energy use annually to satisfy local requirements


See our ENERGY STAR data process in action

In a few easy steps, we remove the burden of gathering, analyzing and updating the information needed to achieve and maintain your ENERGY STAR score.

First, we collect the data

We work with thousands of utility companies to gather up to 24 months of consumption data for your building. All we need is your approval and a utility bill to get started.

energy star data collection

Next, we validate the data

Through our proprietary process, all utility data we collect for your properties is standardized and validated so that it is relevant and accurate.

energy star data validation

Then, we send the data to ENERGY STAR for you

We'll automatically sync your energy consumption data with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. If you don’t have a Portfolio Manager account, we’ll set one up for you. If your property is already connected, we’ll automatically update it each month. Plus, check the box for your local energy benchmarking ordinances. Learn more.

energy star data reporting

Set goals and manage your score over time

We’ll update your ENERGY STAR metrics automatically and provide you access to our Utility Dashboard, where you can:

  • Quickly generate reports that show how a building’s score ranks against other buildings
  • See your buildings’ ENERGY STAR rank compared to similar properties
  • Manage your score over time with our ENERGY STAR Rating Trend graph

energy star score management dashboard benchmarking

Maximize the value of ENERGY STAR

Beyond the initial time-savings you’ll experience by having us collect, submit and organize your energy consumption data, we add unique value to the ENERGY STAR process. Set future goals and meet city ordinances through benchmarking, view your score progress over time, and communicate your progress through specialized reporting.


Benchmark scores

Use the Utility Dashboard to easily benchmark your ENERGY STAR scores using energy data from thousands of buildings. See how your building performs against similar buildings as well as those in your own portfolio.


Compliance made easy

Our expert staff assists hundreds of clients each year with benchmarking ordinances in cities across the U.S. Let us facilitate the data collection and submission process for your buildings—so you don’t have to. Get started.

Custom ENERGY STAR reporting

Create professional, polished reports that help you communicate ENERGY STAR performance in compelling ways to your stakeholders with EnergyPrint's Insights Architect custom reporting service.

Industry Leader with ENERGY STAR

EnergyPrint is a six-time ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year and has been recognized for Sustained Excellence for our commitment to driving energy efficiency through innovative energy reporting and analytics. EnergyPrint earned ENERGY STAR certification for 15 buildings in 2022, making us a Premier Member of the EPA's Certification Nation.


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