Energy reporting tailor-made for your project goals

Tell your energy-savings story with unique customized reports built by our data-visualization experts.

A simple, easy way to communicate energy savings

Turning raw data into easy-to-understand, polished reports is time consuming and complicated, but it’s an important tool for demonstrating the value of energy-savings investments. Visualizations, custom charts, multiple spreadsheets — you need an easier, less time-consuming way to do energy reporting and data analysis, so you can focus your time on finding solutions.

Enter Insights Architect™, EnergyPrint’s solution to help you uncover the hidden stories in a building’s utility data. With it, you will save hours of time by letting us do the data wrangling and report design for you.

The result? Professional-looking, customized reports that easily communicate the insight you need to find energy efficiency opportunities and prove ROI.

“Before Insights Architect, our engineers spent countless hours every month sifting through data... our staff now perform first-level analysis and escalate outliers quickly. Not only do we save on resources, we help our client make more impactful decisions that boost their bottom line.”

- Brandon Hoke, Mechanical Designer



See how easy energy reporting can be

Put your data to work by creating professional, customized energy analytics reports that increase your credibility and lead to decisions that improve building value and performance. After consulting with our data professionals, we’ll build and iterate until you have a consistent, repeatable report that’s not dependent on internal resources to create.

Start with high quality data

We collect, aggregate and standardize 24+ months of utility bill history directly from utility companies and continuously update your data monthly to keep buildings current and relevant. Next, we’ll validate and input your data — and benchmark it against our proprietary database of utility data for buildings across the U.S. and Canada.

energy efficiency evaluation data collection

Determine the key metrics that drive your business

Whether it’s reducing energy use, increasing asset value or improving your ENERGY STAR® rating, your reports will communicate what matters most. Insights Architect allows you to interpret and visualize data in limitless ways, reflecting and incorporating your specific solutions and unique expertise. You can:

  • Segment regionally by vertical market
  • Analyze specific time periods, local utility rates and demand
  • Compare performance to peers with relevant benchmarks

utility data services

Make it professional and engaging

Present building data in new, compelling ways — from a simple chart to a full matrix — and tell your story visually for greater impact. You’ll receive a polished, visual report to help you communicate the value of the energy-efficient solutions you’re recommending.

energy efficiency evaluation report creation

High quality, polished reports — ready when you need them

Create tailored reports at the building or portfolio level for business team meetings or board presentations. Or, use our customized analysis tool to conduct first-level analysis and escalate outliers for investigation.

Building reports

This report informs building managers and executives about opportunities to improve buildings that align with business goals.

Portfolio reports

This report increases engagement with executives and key stakeholders by showcasing opportunities across portfolios.

Dynamic analysis

This hands-on approach allows you to drill into the metrics yourself and create a more customized view.

Customized report options

Develop reports for individual building use, portfolio summary or executive review

Polished and professional look

Replace and improve lackluster reports typically produced manually


Deliver comparative analysis to drive goals and tailor reports to showcase key business metrics


Great for team and board presentations

Create tailored executive summaries that inform management and key stakeholders

Simple for clients

Manage opportunities across portfolios by streamlining and prioritizing for facilities managers

Easy and consistent for your team

Make reporting consistent and repeatable, regardless of your capacity or internal resources


Show the data how you want it

Use the data you already have — cleansed and normalized — to slice and dice for your reporting needs

Input other data

Add data from other sources and develop custom metrics to fulfill specific contract obligations

Add filters

Design analysis filters to get instant summaries so you can find anomalies and opportunities



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