Energy benchmarking that activates engagement

Sell your energy savings ideas in less time with data-driven benchmarking and energy management reports.

Become a trusted energy advisor — with simple, yet powerful reports

Uncovering energy savings opportunities and developing successful relationships with decision-makers is key to moving projects forward. But you know that gathering and analyzing utility data is a lengthy, time-consuming task, and the administrative burden takes you away from the activities that matter most.

Save time and equip yourself with the right tools to make your recommendations a reality with EnergyPrint’s Qualifying Benchmark Service, powered by Insights Architect™. Using our proprietary industry database, we’ll compare a building’s energy performance to that of similar buildings. Then, we’ll pull it together in a polished, insightful report designed to strengthen your credibility with decision-makers — bringing you one step closer to winning your next energy management improvement project.

Use Qualifying Benchmarks to:

  • Prove cost justification for project improvements
  • Get a preliminary ENERGY STAR score, or compare to CBECS
  • See how buildings compare to industry peers
  • Understand demand cost and use
  • Know if weather makes a difference
  • Deliver ECI (Energy Cost Intensity) or EUI (Energy Use Intensity) metrics


Move projects forward with Qualifying Energy Benchmarks

Our team of utility data professionals customizes Qualifying Benchmark reports to your specific goals — you receive meaningful, data-rich reports that show the value of your projects. We can repeat the process quickly and easily over time.

Start with 12+ months of historical utility bill data that we input and validate for each building.

Compare the building to our large proprietary database of similar buildings.

Select from an array of unique and engaging data visualization options.

Deliver a branded, professional report that is engaging and easy to understand.

Qualifying Benchmark reporting options

Spend less time gathering and analyzing data, and more time talking to your clients or business leaders about energy solutions equipped with a professional energy benchmarking report.

Save time, close deals faster

Grow your business by focusing on what you do best, and let us put together a professional report based on your input.

Establish trust

Build credibility as a trusted energy solutions provider by using utility data to prove cost justification for project improvements.

Expert energy analysis

Go above and beyond with added value like weather normalization, ENERGY STAR and other data integrations.

sample building energy insights report of energyprint

Start with accurate data

We’ll input and validate 12+ months of historical utility bill data required to benchmark a building.

Focus your time on solutions

Spend less time analyzing data and more time talking to prospects and proposing your energy solutions.

Get it fast

Fast turnaround time for reports helps move projects to close quickly.

sample building energy benchmarking report of energyprint

Set benchmarks

Compare a prospect’s building to other like-type buildings from our leading industry database to understand how the building is performing.

Elevate your brand

Select from a number of robust, yet simple reports that are easy to understand and can be branded for your company.

Help clients visualize value

Provide your clients with a professional and engaging takeaway.

sample building qualifying benchmarks report of energyprint

Weather normalized data trend analysis

Visualize a building's avoided costs over time regardless of weather, illustrating the true value of an energy savings project.

ENERGY STAR integration

Get a preliminary ENERGY STAR score, or compare to CBECS.

Shows EUI and ECI

Deliver ECI (Energy Cost Intensity) or EUI (Energy Use Intensity) metrics.



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