Case Study

Proving ROI: How Fagan Built Client Trust and Increased Pipeline Value

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Like many building service professionals, EMCOR Services Fagan—a leading HVAC contractor in Kansas City—was struggling to engage a manufacturing client in meaningful conversations about energy improvement projects.



For two years, Fagan’s sales team proposed several improvement projects. But without provable ROI, the client never gave these projects serious consideration. After replacing outdated electric boilers for a 225,000 square-foot plant, Fagan knew they needed to:
• Communicate and prove energy savings results
• Build trust and deepen relationship with client
• Spark effective dialogue with the client about
further improvements



By leveraging the powerful data analytics in the Utility Dashboard, Fagan demonstrated $97,000 in savings in one year after a $244,000 upgrade.
EnergyPrint’s Cost Avoidance metrics also verified more than 40 percent ROI on the project—easily exceeding client expectations. On the heels of
this success, Fagan differentiated themselves from competition and effectively helped the client build additional efficiency projects into their operating budget.


After presenting concrete results from the Utility Dashboard, Fagan was able to:
• Shift client mindset by cost-justifying improvements—positioning their company as a trusted energy advisor
• Help the client report financial ROI back to management and re-energize the discussion about efficiency opportunities
• Win more than $1.6 million in additional projects and grow their client relationship

  • Industry: Manufacturing

  • Location: Missouri, USA

  • Solutions: Utility Dashboard

EnergyPrint’s business-minded metrics allow us to present simple, validated M&V reports and engaging visuals that speak to our client’s concerns. We use the Utility Dashboard to build trust—and win more projects—by proving concrete results.”

- Jared White - Service Manager

EMCOR Services Fagan