Case Study

Prioritizing Investments: Harvard Property Management Slashes Energy Consumption with Utility Dashboard

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With more than 100 properties under management across the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba, Harvard Property Management is committed to maintaining total asset value and providing excellent service for its clients. Since 2013, their partnership with EnergyPrint and its validated utility data analysis has changed the way they manage reporting and energy consumption at the local level and improved their portfolio’s overall value through strategic financial decision-making.

Harvard used to spend hours each month tracking down utility data bills from accounting and entering them in spreadsheets, and few employees outside of accounting had clear visibility into the true energy performance of the buildings they manage. Now, Harvard leverages EnergyPrint to help them:

  • Simplify Energy Analysis

    Share consumable energy data across teams — from executives to building operations who can directly impact energy use

  • Reduce Energy Use

    Leverage accurate, validated utility data to support prioritization of building maintenance and operational improvements

  • Strengthen Client Relations

    Communicate energy expertise to help stakeholders and tenants know where to strategically reduce energy costs


Solution & Strategy

EnergyPrint provides Harvard with validated utility data in a user-friendly format, simplifying a reporting process that was once done manually in spreadsheets. This has saved Harvard hours of internal resources. Additionally, property managers use the Utility Dashboard to proactively manage their buildings’ energy use by prioritizing which buildings are operating inefficiently. They use the data to make operating changes, document improvements, and track the results over time. EnergyPrint also supports more accurate budget forecasting. The Harvard team uses historical rate and consumption data to easily create credible energy budgets, and then set realistic usage goals.

  • Challenge: Harvard wanted to simplify energy data analysis, reduce energy use and strengthen client relations

  • Solution: Validated utility data in an easily accessible dashboard for reporting and tracking

  • Results: More accurate budget forecasting and ability to make operating changes, document improvements and track results over time

“Before the Utility Dashboard, no one would’ve challenged our energy consumption or costs because we didn’t have the historic data so easily accessible. Now, we can benchmark against similar buildings and challenge our teams to run buildings better and more efficiently.”

- Chris Burrell, Technical Services Director

Harvard Property Management


Since partnering with EnergyPrint, Harvard has leveraged utility data insight to achieve their business objectives. Examples include:

  • Saved hundreds of hours on data entry and manual reporting
    It once took Harvard’s building managers a month to compile audit reports for one property. With the Utility Dashboard, they can now do it in an hour. And, they have more time to provide top-notch service to tenants.
  • Reduced energy consumption by nearly 100 million kBtus
    Harvard has consistently leveraged the Utility Dashboard to identify opportunities. As a result, they’ve saved nearly 100 million kBtus of energy across their portfolio—the equivalent to more than 3½ tons of coal. One example is an office property that the Dashboard showed was performing significantly worse than its local peers. Harvard then addressed some operating inefficiencies and reduced the building’s energy consumption by more than 30 percent.
  • Increased client engagement with actionable energy insight
    EnergyPrint’s utility data analysis has helped Harvard build and strengthen relationships with its property stakeholders. Harvard uses EnergyPrint’s monthly Insights and energy reporting to advise their clients on how to support and budget for cost reduction initiatives.

"We can’t control the cost of energy, but we can control consumption. Benchmarking makes it easy for us to find simple and less costly solutions — including prioritizing investments across our portfolio. Partnering with EnergyPrint has helped us make better strategic financial decisions.”

- Richard de la Hey, Operations Support Specialist

Harvard Property Management