Case Study:
Boland Streamlines Energy Reporting for Client Buildings & Portfolios

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Boland, a leading intelligent building technology and energy services provider in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore metropolitan area, previously generated dozens of energy analysis reports by hand for their clients every month. Clearly, they needed a faster, more efficient way to aggregate and visualize energy data, and summarize building performance.


Key Reporting Challenges

  • Manual reports were time-consuming, labor-intensive and inefficient
  • Template creation was not easily repeatable, resulting in inconsistent deliverables
  • High-value employees wasted too much time cutting and pasting data from multiple sources to create individualized reports for specific clients and account managers
  • Challenge: Boland needed a fast, efficient way to summarize client building performance

  • Solution: Two Insights Architect report templates with the energy metrics Boland needed consistently

  • Results: On-demand access to polished reports and hours of internal time savings each month


Boland consulted with EnergyPrint’s Insights Architect team to create a pair of data visualization templates featuring the specific data they needed. The first template was a portfolio report with management-level metrics providing an at-a-glance view to easily compare buildings and quickly identify outliers. The second template was a report focusing on individual building metrics. Boland’s account managers use these to more fully engage their clients and to prospect other services and energy improvement projects.


After launching Insights Architect custom reporting, Boland was able to:

  • Replace their inefficient reporting structure with useful, consistent and easy-to-understand deliverables at both the individual building and portfolio levels
  • Get on-demand access to highly polished reports for any client building or portfolio
  • Save hours of high-value analyst and engineering resources every month
  • Consistently engage clients with professional, insightful reports branded for Boland and aligned with their services

“Insights Architect took our data visualization and reporting to the next level. Not only did it help us eliminate our time-consuming, manual processes with more efficient methods, it professionalized the look and feel of our reports, making them more credible and useful in the process. A huge burden has been lifted from my team.”

- Mechelle Munn, Intelligent Services Program Manager