Demand Tracking

Measure changes in demand and demand cost.

Take control of demand.

Demand is a part of almost every commercial utility bill, and sometimes substantially so. Many buildings will see demand charges take up nearly 50% of the total electric bill. Yet unlike the relatively straightforward line that can be drawn between consumption and the fluctuation in energy expenses, demand can often seem like an enigma – an expensive cost of doing business that can be just as confusing as it is difficult to address. But now it can be addressed – with demand and demand cost tracking on the EnergyPrint Utility Dashboard.

With Demand Tracking, you can visualize demand over months and seasons to understand where peak demand is highest, understand how much of your bill goes toward peak demand consumption, and identify strategies to maximize your demand rate structure. You can even compare your peak demand and demand cost to your other buildings on the Utility Dashboard!

Plus, customers who have been with us for some time will have a retroactive look at their demand history as far back as we’ve collected their bills!

Capture it all with Demand Tracking

Using our cloud-based Utility Dashboard, we'll capture history and ongoing monthly energy data for demand from your utility bills. Then we visualize the maximum electric demand for each property in your portfolio, as well as the sum of demand costs across every utility. From there, you can:

Measurement & Verification track performance

Understand Demand Trends

Use demand visualization to see how your property is trending and perhaps identify behaviors that contribute to your demand peaks.

Compare Demand Across Your Portfolio

Compare your peak demand and demand costs against other buildings in your Utility Dashboard portfolio.


Confirm Correct Billing

Juxtapose your billed peak demand to that of your building controls system to ensure your utility provider is charging you the proper amount.

Prove Solution Effectiveness

Confirm how your energy projects and solutions impact peak demand by setting baselines and marking project dates in the timeline. See if your projects save you cost without even lowering consumption.


See how you can Find, Track & Prove energy savings for your buildings and projects