UTILITY BILL AUDIT Confirm bill accuracy

Save on your future bills by identifying and solving opportunities with a comprehensive utility bill audit.

The best way to avoid being overcharged

Paying utilities is just a cost of doing business. As a result, the utility bill is often accepted without question: it is received, paid, and forgotten. However, utility bills reflect a daunting amount of complexity stemming from your data, so they may not always be accurate. That’s where we come in – with a comprehensive Utility Bill Audit.

In addition to collecting, tracking, and analyzing the data from your utility bill, EnergyPrint will complete an audit of your bill to make sure that it is accurate. From there, we will work directly with your utility company to resolve any errors and possibly reduce your rates moving forward. The audit will also identify additional opportunities that you can explore to get even more out of your utility company.


Have complete peace of mind about your utility bill

We are utility data experts, and we stop at nothing to make sure that you're getting the most out of your utility bill. Using our relationship with thousands of utilities across the U.S. and Canada, we run a comprehensive utility bill audit to make sure what's on your bill reflects your situation and consumption. We start by reaching out to the utility company to verify several elements of the bill:

Rate and Tariff Analysis

Utility companies offer optional rates and tariffs for you to choose from. Usually your building is defaulted to a rate structure and sometimes this structure is not the most beneficial for your building based on the usage type and hours of operation. EnergyPrint will recommend a rate most beneficial for your load and usage type that will produce ongoing savings on your bill.

energy bill audit rate & tariff analysis

Taxation Study

Depending on which state you are in, certain building types may be eligible to have portions of their bill be tax exempt. EnergyPrint will recalculate your taxation for each utility bill to determine if taxes have been appropriately applied. In some cases, EnergyPrint can eliminate incorrect taxation going forward and recover some of the tax paid in the past – resulting in a refund check.

utility bill auditing taxation study

Billing Errors

Not every system is flawless. The EnergyPrint audit will identify anomalies on your bills due to misread meters, incorrectly applied charges or general billing errors. In these cases, EnergyPrint will work on your behalf with your utility provider to rectify the issue and recover any overpaid funds.

finding billing errors with utility bill auditing

Demand Ratchet Charges and Power Factor Penalties

In the spirit of being your utility data partner, EnergyPrint will also summarize your current demand structure and the costs associated with ratcheted increases in on-peak and off-peak demand. The audit will also identify and recommend solutions to eliminate penalties associated with inefficient use of your utilities.

energy bill audit

Third Party Procurement

Finally, we know that it can be frustrating to pay more for utilities when a more inexpensive option is available in your area. The audit will identify and analyze possible alternative purchasing solutions for utilities in deregulated regions.

third party procurement in utility bill audit


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