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Utility Rate Reduction Solutions

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“We can often deliver better rates because we have better data”

New – Utility Rate Reduction Solutions

EnergyPrint clients save an average of 12.7% in energy use. Over our 12 year life, our clients together have saved $¼ billion. Yes, you read that right – $250,000,000 in savings.

Our mission is to reduce your utility bills – even further. So, EnergyPrint now offers rate reduction services to all our clients. EnergyPrint can often deliver better rates because we have better data. Regulated utilities are obliged to give the best rate available to every customer of a defined class. Problem is, about 1/3 of all customers are misclassified, so they are paying a higher rate.

EnergyPrint compares your rates to other buildings served by the same Utility within our database. We search for differences that trigger questions – why are you paying more than similar buildings? Why is your tax rate different? Why are your fees higher? What is causing your demand charges to be so high?

If you want answers to these questions, and you want to pay less for the energy you use, contact us today and ask for a free energy rate audit.

We will then ask you to accept a shared savings agreement. After our energy rate audit, we issue a Findings Report to you, which documents what we discovered. If there are no savings, there is no charge, and you can be confident that you are not over-paying. If savings or refunds appear likely, you may authorize us to negotiate with the utility on your behalf. If we are successful, EnergyPrint will invoice you for our share of the savings each month, as we verify that savings have really happened. You pay us from savings for a defined period of time. This arrangement is always cash-flow positive for you – and limits the amount we can earn.

If you are interested, ask us to “lower my rates” by emailing us at or schedule a 15 minute call with our Energy Solutions Team to learn more today! Or just call us at 651-357-9010, and ask us to lower your rates.