BlogDec 19, 2022

Access Your Utility Bill Copies with EnergyPrint's New Download Feature

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Energy costs are rising and companies need to be able to quickly audit their usage and find ways to reduce both cost and energy footprints. These decisions depend on quick access to reliable data. Being able to easily access utility bill records is crucial for companies that have large building portfolios, but these records are not always stored in a centralized location.

EnergyPrint’s Utility Dashboard allows you to view and analyze long-term energy trends across your entire portfolio, but you may need individual bill copies to analyze spikes in building performance and make key operating decisions.

So, what if you need to audit or spot check a bill? Many utility companies delete stored online data after one year and require you to put in a formal request to get copies of older invoices. This is a time-consuming process that can cause unnecessary aggravation. Our platform allows you to have access to your source bill images (PDFs) at any time, at no additional charge.

EnergyPrint is here for your long-term success. We store and index all your original source bill images in an easy-to-download PDF/Image format. Unlike with utility companies, you don’t need to request this data and wait, it is always at your fingertips. And you can trust that we will retain these bills for you, not just for a year or two, but indefinitely for the life of your account.

List of a Property's Utility Bill Copies that can be downloaded as PDFs.

It’s your data. Rely on EnergyPrint to provide it for you whenever you need it. All you need to do is make sure your utility accounts are enrolled in online access to get started.

This exciting addition is now a core feature, included at no extra cost to all EnergyPrint users at all our service levels. Furthermore, we are able to restore any available prior bill copy data for returning customers.

Do you have stakeholders asking for a snapshot of recent or long-term utility usage? No problem! As long as you’ve enrolled your accounts for online access with EnergyPrint, you can easily access your bill copies under the Reports tab within the EnergyPrint Utility Dashboard. Here you can select a building and view all available utility bills, then easily download, print, or share the source bill PDF/Image with company stakeholders.

Report section of dashboard that shows where to access utility bill copies.

As your trusted energy partner, we will never delete or archive your data. If you’re a customer with accounts enrolled in online access, you’ll be able to download PDFs of your utility bills going forward for any building at any time. If you ever need a full download of your entire portfolio, we can provide that too upon request.

Are you a current EnergyPrint customer, but don’t see some of your bills available for download? Contact your Customer Success Manager today to make sure all your accounts are enrolled in online access.

If you’re not an existing EnergyPrint customer and would like to learn more about how you can track and manage your energy usage and reduce your energy footprint, schedule a call today to learn more.